Men's Fashion: The Final Frontier

August 31, 2014

Men’s fashion eludes me. It’s out there – don’t get me wrong. The skinny pants with rolled-up cuffs and no-socks loafers, the bow ties and beards, the slim fitting suits and wild-colored, patterned shirts, the obnoxiously creative socks and ridiculously expensive watches – I get it, gentlemen have as much style as ladies. But, when all is said and done, the average man has little in the way of real fashion options. Sure, if you live and work in the creative worlds of NYC, LA or San Fran, you can probably get away with wearing neon green pants and a seersucker blazer, but in the rest of America, it’s all about the button-downs, khakis and loafers. However, that’s not to say a little color and texture can’t be a part of every man’s style – it just takes a little effort and perhaps some risk-taking

With fall approaching, it's the perfect time for some risky fashion action. Go for some texture this season – a flannel or knit blazer or maybe even a knit tie. Or, introduce some new colors to your look – orange (it is the new black), eggplant (dark purple for you straight men) and green. And perhaps add a little twist, whimsy and uniqueness to your look, whether it’s playing with patterns – paisley, stripes, checks (just not all at once) – or adding some unexpected accessories – suspenders, bowtie, pocket squares, scarves, or even gloves. Whatever you do, just have fun with it. Fashion doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to be crazy, either. Just find what works for you, personalize it a bit, and viola – you’ve got a look!

Texture: Heritage Houndstooth Knit Blazer, Banana Republic, $198
Pattern: Garrick Shirt, Boden, $84
Accessorize (clockwise): Italian Wool Knit Tie, J.Crew, $69.50; Party Bow Tie, Scotch & Soda, $19; Striped Scarf, Scotch & Soda, $65

Weekly Inspiration

August 29, 2014

There's quite a lot that has been inspiring these last few weeks, most notably the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I'll admit at first I didn't get it - I didn't understand how they were making money off of it if everyone was dumping ice on their heads instead of donating. But then, I started seeing the good, the fun, the giving, the paying-it-forward message in these ice bucket videos. It became a phenomenon, picking up speed with each new challenge. Sure, a lot of people lambasted the challenge as self-serving, sheep-herding at its best, while others complained and bemoaned about having their Facebook feed cluttered with their friends and family videos. (Hmmm, what would they rather see? People ranting about politics, cat videos and open letters to whomever is pissing you off this week?) But what I love about it all - and what turned me around on the challenge's value - is that it shows how social media can be used for good. It inspires me. It gives me a sense of community in this vast and sometimes shut-off world we live in. We get to see our family and friend be silly and creative, thoughtful and generous - and all for a worthwhile cause. How can you not find inspiration in that?!

And what has been even more inspiring for me this week is a video created by an L.A.-based duo Dave and Devine. Dave Yaden is an amazing piano player - a friend of my sisters who I've had the pleasure to met and get to know as an amazing man, husband and father. And the other half of the group, Candace Devine, is equally talented with a voice that is magnanimous and powerful. But beyond their talents, their music speaks of love, of individuality, of creativity, and of peace. And the follow video shows just that. It is a message that is loud and clear and should be heard by everyone. In a time where division and differences seem to pervade our hearts, our minds and our politics, Dave and Devine's words remind us they can try but they'll never take our love away...

Yes, love - LOVE IS the answer. Let love guide you. Let love encourage you. Let love inspire you. Go out and love. Give it. Receive it. Be it.

Mid-Week Sales Crush

August 27, 2014

It's Wednesday and I've got a case of the middle-of-the-week ho hums. So, what better way to perk up my mid-week lull than to check out what's new on the sales front. It gives me a chance to window browse without leaving my office and putting on pants. And, it gives me some ideas on what kind of you-work-hard-for-the-money gift I can buy with my upcoming paycheck.

Without further ado, here are just a few mints I found while browsing my fav online stores. Oh, and with fall right around the corner, these items would totally work as transitional pieces - just throw on a jacket or cardi and you're all set for autumn's cooler temps (and I can't wait for those!). 

P.S. A lot of online stores (and brick and mortar ones too) are having some excellent sales right now - ya know, in preparation for all their fall stuff. 



 Clockwise: Cross Over Strappy Top, Zara, $19.99 (regularly $69.90); Siargao Tank, Anthropologie, $69.95 (no longer available...darn! But still cute.); Great Wavelengths Dress, ModCloth, $54.99; Sun Isle Dress, Madewell, $69.99 

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